14 Body Language Signs Which Will Reveal The Truth About Your Relationship

The body language speaks a lot in all relationships. The first time you touched her hands, her first hug or your first kiss might among the sweetest memories in your life and in the same way, you would know all her moods and her state just by looking at her! When we are deeply attached to someone, we will become able to read not only their gestures but also what exactly are they thinking and that is one of the most beautiful things about all committed relationships. Sometimes, your lover might not be telling you about the hardships in their lives but you will know that something is wrong by looking at them. on the other hand, when you are deep in love your partner would not take his/her gaze away from you and would not stop showering you with kisses.

So, we thought of sharing some useful tips in reading your partner. Next time when you are together, check on these things and you will surely be able to identify a lot of new things about your partner!

#1. The gazing

If your partner meets your eyes and holds your gaze for a little longer than he/she normally does, that means she/he is deeply in love with you. You would see a repetition of this activity throughout the meeting and this is really a positive sign about your relationship.

#2. Turning their body towards you

During a conversation or during the time you are together if your partner constantly turns their body towards you, then that is a sure sign of their interest in you. sometimes, even when you keep your legs crossed, the toecap will be turned towards you and when this happens, you can be sure about your relationship.

#3. Women bend their bodies toward their partner

When a woman is deeply attached to someone, she tends to bend her body towards that one while keeping her back straight. That makes her figure look much better and shows her interest in you.

#4. Men like to look bigger and strong

Men like to stay closer and as powerful as possible. When they are conversing they straighten themselves up with arms and akimbo and sometimes you would note them to lean on a wall with their hands at the level of your shoulders to get into your personal space.

#5. Hands touching often

When you are deeply in love, you would see that your hands touch each other’s very often even without a reason. Your lover would always love you feel connected and therefore, physical intimacy will surely be maintained.

#6. The attraction of eyes

Sometimes, in the early stages of your relationships, where you have not yet become lovers, you would see that the person of your interest always tries to maintain eye contact with you. even when you are together with others, he/she would speak with everyone but will look at you at the end of their speech.

#7. Smiling wide

Men do not smile widely very often. They stop doing that at the age of 5-6 years. According to the psychologist Patti Wood, when a man smiles widely around you, that shows he is so onto you.

#8. Using the same gestures

When you notice your lover is also using the same gestures as you and say the things that you often say, that shows he is subconsciously copying you because he likes you.

#9. Turning the body away

When your partner doesn’t want to speak to you and avoid your gaze, that shows he/she is having some difficult problem in their lives. They have something bad going on in their lives and at such times, the best thing is to give your loved one the maximum attention that they need.

#10. No closeness

When he/she does not like you and needs to move away, you would see that they don’t like to be touched as earlier. Kisses would be short and formal and even in sleep, they would move away from you. this is an n alarming sign for your relationship.

#11. The weak enthusiasm

When he/she has lost her interest in you, your jokes and stories would not be received with much enthusiasm. They would show very lack of interest in you and this is a sign to say you better not waste your time on them.

#12. The crossed arms and legs

The crossed arms and legs during a conversation, eyes avoiding the gaze and the indistinct voice of your partner are some sure signs of a difficult relationship and when your partner behaves in this way, you better be more attentive about your relationship.

#13. Breaking etiquette

When your man doesn’t follow simple rules of etiquettes like opening the doors for you, letting you go first or never walk together with you, then those are signs to say your relationship has started to fade away.

#14. No caress but information

When people are deeply in love, they would care and be attentive about their partner more. But when they are not in love, you would see that your girl telling you that your hair is messy without trying to smooth it. they would not like to be involved in your things and therefore, there would be a distance between you.

However, keep in your mind that these are all just signs of a fatal stage in your relationship and if you succeed in working things out, then you can still have hopes for a bright future.

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