Scientists Say That Trees Have A Rhythm Similar To A Heartbeat

Every little thing on this planet has a value, and we are more easily connected with things that have a rhythm similar to us, as we get busy with seeking for financial success we get distracted from the magic that the universe has provided us. There is magic in all living things the more we seek the more we understand God. We all know that trees are considered to be living things, they may not walk around like other animals or have a heart or kidney, they have their own set of organs and a unique way of moving.

While these pulses aren’t an actual heartbeat, it functions the same way as the heart does which is pumping water around the organism on a certain rhythm. Scientists have been assuming that trees distribute water via a process known as osmosis up to this day, but these studies revealed something different.

To find this, Andras Zlinszky, Bence Molnar and Anders S. Barford from Hungary and Denmark did a study using advanced monitoring techniques known as terrestrial laser scanning to observe 22 different types of trees. The results were astonishing. The study revealed that during night trees had a beat pulsating throughout their body just as humans or any other living being.

Although trees do not have a heart that beats, they have a similar rhythm that resembles a human heart.

Some of these rhythms are quite slow and steady, with some occurring every few hours. Even thus it is appealing to see how magical and complex nature is.

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