7 Signs Your Guardian Angel Is Trying To Contact You

It is a common belief that each one of us arrived into this world to fulfill a mission or an assignment. It is also believed that each one of us was given a spiritual guide to making sure we do not deviate from our assigned goal. We can think of our guardian angels as private detectives with only one case- you!!

Even though they are here to guide us, it is not possible for them to manifest into our dimension as they come from a place which is very different from ours. Angelic guidance usually come in the form of dreams, signs, clues, and hints which serve to inform us the right direction.

Being able to identify the angelic signs will help us sync better with our guardian angel and will be able to receive the guidance and assistance they have for us.

Common Angel Signs


Your Guardian Angel may bring you a white feather which is called as a ‘calling card’ to let you know that they are around. A white feather is a sign, which means, “We are here for you to support you; you are not alone.” This sign normally appears when you are down and in time of need. Usually, you will find these feathers in most unexpected places, or in a place where you rarely see white birds.


A rainbow is a common symbol of divine love. Whenever you have asked divine intervention to your problems or specifically ask for angelic assistance, you may shortly see a rainbow. Remember if you have experienced the above already, then know it’s a symbol of confirmation from your guardian angel that they are with you. A rainbow around the moon, a double rainbow or a rainbow on a day without rain are more powerful symbols of angelic presence.


Finding money in the form of pennies and dimes is also a sign of angelic presence. This normally happens when you are upset over a financial matter. The value of the coins could not mean anything significant to solve your financial problem, but it’s an attempt of your guardian angel to catch your attention and make you conscious about other angelic signs which might eventually help you sort out your problems.


These signs normally appear after you have already asked for the divine help and waiting for something good to happen. The answer to your prayers could come in different forms. When you are going through a magazine or newspaper you might see an article on exactly what you were seeking or while watching television, you might see the news reporters discussing the exact matter that you were looking answers for. You should always stay focussed after asking divine help as your angels will guide the information to you if you are paying attention.


Have you ever experienced lovely aromas closer to you, but couldn’t find a source which emits it. These aromas mostly are similar to the smell of either gardenias or roses. Sometimes you might also smell something which might bring up your childhood memories which has some mysteries connection which you couldn’t figure out.  These experiences normally take place when your guardian angel is in a hugging distance to yourself.


Have you ever seen a cloud formation which looks like a heart, flower, angel’s wings, etc.?

This is also a common sign from your guardian angels to grab your attention and to remind you about the existence of a heavenly place above you.


If you have been picking one or few of the above signs, you’ll be able to experience much more powerful signs such as voices. These voices could either be a sudden message you receive to your mind or an actual whisper you hear through your ear. If you experience this, do not think it’s nothing supernatural and it’s just you making things up.

If the message that was whispered wasn’t clear enough, ask your guardian angel to speak a bit louder and tell them that you know they are with you. Hearing the guidance is the most beautiful sign out of everything and it will provide you more comfort, guidance and the feeling of reassurance.

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