It Is Not a Woman’s Responsibility To Make A Man A Better Human Being

Let’s get one thing straight. Women do not want men who need someone else to make them a better person. Women are not rehabilitation centers for traumatized and badly raised men. Women do not want to raise men, they want to grow and flourish together.

So, what’s up with this “She makes me want to become a better person”?

Yes, we get it. It is supposed to be a compliment. It is supposed to flatter the woman for her strength and the way she influences her man to become a better version of himself.  It is supposed to make women feel like they are superheroes who can change a man’s life just like that.

But if you sit down for a minute and think about this, you will soon realize that it is absolute and total bulls**t.  In fact, it is not flattering at all.

What is even worse is the fact that this particular conception regarding the woman is everywhere.  Everywhere you look, irrespective of which phase of life you look at, women are supposed to be super-humans who lend a hand for a guy who is too immature to mend himself on his own.

Let’s take the Childish Gambino’s music video for example. Halfway through the video, a sad and troubled Kanye appears. For some reason, Michelle Obama hugs him, lifts his spirits and suddenly he is fine again. What’s up with that? Are you seriously telling me that Kanye secretly needs to be saved by a strong, brave woman like Michelle?

Here is the thing. Women already have enough baggage on their shoulders. They are supposed to be loving moms, supportive wives, hard-working housewives, etc, etc. and in addition to all these stuff, women are also supposed to inspire men to become better?

Hell no!

Don’t you think they need inspiring and lifting up as well?

Maybe you don’t know but women are flawed as well. They too need to be fixed, to be mended. So who takes care of them? They themselves have to take care of themselves. And how do they do it you ask me? They do it by diving deep within.

Women do not want to raise their partner.  Just because a woman is a kind, decent and an admirable person it doesn’t mean that she should be a man’s main guidance in life. Being there for another person is one thing and being expected to always be there for someone due to your womanhood is completely another.

How come women supporting troubled men is a common thing, and men supporting troubled women are a rarity?

What about women? They do fall apart just like they do. They somehow suck it in and move on in life. So stop holding women accountable for your personal growth. Instead of expecting a woman to fix you, try to fix yourself. Be better. Do better. Grow. Fall. And rise up.

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