An adorable relationship with a Disabled Cow and Giant Tortoise

sometimes we have to face some burdens that push us down and it can be hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. But if it potential to lead us to a new bright chapter in our lives, mmmm

Just read about Simon and his best friend Leonardo

The baby cow Simon and the giant tortoise Leonardo have found safety and great true friendship after their tumultuous lives brought them together at the new residence they had to accidentally come.

When something goes wrong, it can be hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

But even our darkest moments have the potential to lead us to a new, brighter chapter in our lives.

Just look at Simon and his best friend Leonardo.

The baby cow and the giant tortoise make an unexpected duo, but after their tumultuous lives brought them together, they have found safety and true friendship with each other.


Simon was highlighted to the WFFT (wildlife friends’ foundation Thailand) in 2016 when he was a little calf. He got his leg caught in some vines and amputated. He was rescued by WFFT and brought to their animal sanctuary. There he got a new prosthetic leg. Though he lost his leg he was lucky to gain a new best friend.

As he wasn’t ready to join with other rescue cows right away, at the time just he arrived at the sanctuary. He was placed in a large enclosure by himself When Simon arrived at the sanctuary, as he needed some time to recover from his trauma. 

In 2013, When the Zoo was closed down that Leonardo (an African spurred tortoise) was lived, he had to come with WFFT to this sanctuary and started a new and comfortable life there.


As this is a new place for him, Leonardo hadn’t any friends there and was just minding his own business when he noticed that a new resident had moved into his enclosure.

When the baby cow Simon with a prosthetic leg waltzed into Leonardo’s life and suddenly, his comfortable life at the sanctuary got even better.


When Simon saw Leonardo He stopped him and, formed a strong bond immediately. The love of their first sight was to the puzzlement of the sanctuary staff.

On the website of WFFT, they noted that Simon and Leonardo could often be seen, walking around together, resting together and eating together.


This unexpected friendship has become a delight to the staff and the rest of the world.

Their friendship highlights the deep connection that has true friends and points out that friendships are not based on others’ appearances or other superficial qualities.


We hope this unusual friendship continues to flourish, WFFT stated, same as them we also agree with them. And we wish a long and happy life together to adorable friendship that Simon and Leonardo made.

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