Rescue Kitty named “Bowie” the cat is simply the coolest

David Bowie, the late musician left behind a legacy that can’t be forgotten, aside from the catalog of incredible music that he is a cat lover too. But this is about an adorable little cat who was lucky to get his name Bowie”.

Fast-forward to 2018, he met a lonely kitten who was abandoned and A veterinarian’s office in Spain took him in, there the beautiful white and tabby marked kitten loved to play with him. There he met Maria Lloret, the mom of this kitten. Instantly she knew this adorable and spunky kitten had to be named Bowie. He had given gorgeous odd-colored eyes. And, as they say, the rest is history!

Look at these precious images of little Bowie The Cat from his first few months with Maria

This little cute Bowie is “sweet  and sassy at the same time” and when he’s not busy playing, he presents his charm for the camera making nice angles

His cat mom “Maria” started sharing photos of her heterochromia cutie online in late 2018. And it spread quickly among the cat lovers all across the globe noticing this Spanish feline head-turner.‌

Though Bowie lives in a beautiful city ” Alicante”, when he’s being a good little feline, his mum takes him for some diverting and safe adventures.

Just see, he has no complaints on exploring new things-and heights

His cat mom Maria is an advocate for animal adoption and she has a blog dedicated to Bowie, complete with Spanish and English translation. She always shares many fun photos of him and stories of them as she hopes it can spread happiness to the world. I think little isn’t this a wonderful thing? I think we must certainly commend her for this best job

Do you need to keep up with this handsome? Just find him follow him on Instagram here; and/or on Facebook here.

Just remember this -adopt them, but don’t shop; fostering can save their lives and spay and neuter 

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