Seconds-Old Baby Chameleon Isn’t Aware He’s Out Of His Egg

These are some of the surprising pictures of a baby panther chameleon or Furcifer pardalis who was unaware that it was already born. These pictures of this baby chameleon present us a unique sight of how the reptiles remain inside the egg. Canvas Chameleon, which is a pet shop and breeder in Reading in Pennsylvania said that this cute baby reptile had to be given help to come out of its egg as it was unable to pip the shell of the egg using its teeth like the other reptiles. Both reptiles, as well as birds, do pipping the shell of the egg in order to come out of it. However, finally, this unusual chameleon was rescued safely and is now safe with the company of its sisters and brothers!

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“Here you see a baby Panther only seconds old that was unaware of its birth”

“I had to help him come out of his eggshell. I think that this small creature was unable to pip the shell on its own. Thus I helped it out”

“Sometimes, the egg pips on one side of the shell and then it’ll be quite difficult for the baby reptiles to come out if the head isn’t positioned near the pipped hole. Thus it ends up with these creatures pushing out other parts of their bodies like their yolk sac. This ends up taking the life of the creature”

“I felt it was my opportunity to help the poor creature and give him a helping hand”

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