Drone Finds New Striking Glacier Scene Hidden In The Himalayas

The development of modern technology has given us an opportunity to revolutionize the way of our life. When we talk about photography, drones play a significant role in modern photography.

The drones have made us see the wonderful sites of birds, various types of landscapes, risky terrains, horizons as well as huge areas that we’ve never seen. The drones have become very popular among people as they are very easy to handle.

We all know that the Himalayan mountain range is one of the top-ranked picturesque sites on our planet. The mountain range envelops about 2,400 km of land and water. And also this particular mountain range is the home for thousands of amazing creatures.

The Himalayan mountain range is ranked as the third-biggest ice and snow deposit in the world. There are about 15,000 glaciers present in the mountain range. Some are small and some are large, but many of these amazing ice stocks haven’t been discovered yet.

Many people use drones in order to get help to search these huge glaciers which are hidden inside the mountain. Drones are considered to be faster as well as to have a higher resolution than the images taken by satellites.

With all these pros of drones, it’s better to keep in mind that these drones might sometimes reach dangerous places. And also many people use these drones, especially for hacking purposes. Therefore, all drone users must be aware of all these things.

However, one of the lucky photographers was able to make a fantastic discovery using his personal drone. He discovered a hidden glacier in Himalayan ranges!

He is David Kaszlikowski who’s well known in the world of photographers. He’s a talented photographer who has received multiple awards for his amazing piece of work. Kaszlikowski is a specialist in mountain photography. He also has the skills of aerial and underwater photography.

He discovered this amazing site when he was struggling to find an ideal place for his documentary which was known as K2 Touching the Sky. He sent his DJI Phantom Drone to carry out investigations in the mountainous region. Kaszlikowski set the drone fly above the K2 Mountain – the second-highest peak in the world.

There, he caught something new near the area where the two glaciers Godwin-Austen and Baltoro meet in the region of Concordia. He was able to unveil the story of this hidden glacier which was surrounded by a 65-feet wide pool of water.

Kaszlikowski said:

“The place was special, making a very clean graphic frame. It was disappearing, melting, changing its form every day. It was quite obvious nobody will photograph it again like me; nobody will see it the same way the next season.”

This particular melting glacier gave him an amazing site !

Kaszlikowski and his guide trekked the area in the night where he found this glacier.

Kaszlikowski only spent 30-seconds to capture this wonderful site using his Canon 5D Mark III on a tripod. He has also used an LED to illuminate and enhance the glow of the photograph.

The result is incredible!

He was surprised by what he had caught on his camera. Kaszlikowski succeeded in creating a unique piece of art.

He was overwhelmed by the beauty of the region. He also stated that the beauty of the area was further made unusual by him.

Kaszlikowski gave advice to the rest of the photographers saying that they should retain in their style of work along listening to their intuition:

“Today, with digital and access to various advanced tools, it’s much easier to get decent results. But one thing never changes: You have to follow your vision.”

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