Dozens Of Deer Rest Under The Cherry Trees In Bloom In Japan

Several deer rests under the beautiful blooming sakura in Nara Park, Japan, thanks to the drastic reduction in the number of visitors due to the lockdown.

The “Nara Park”, located in the city of Nara in southern Japan, is famous for its more than 1,200 deer and receives thousands of visits from tourists from all over the world every year. However, for the first time this year, the reserve has finally found peace, due to the coronavirus.

@ Reddit / BeardedGlass

On April 7, the Japanese government declared a state of alarm, which drastically reduced people’s mobility, just when cherry blossoms were in bloom.

The next day, some onlookers decided to go for a walk in the park and what they found was the idyllic image of dozens of deer resting under the flowering trees.

A scene that usually does not occur, precisely because of the immense crowd of visitors who come to see the animals and feed them.

Just in these hours, Japan has lifted the state of emergency in most of the country. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has declared the lifting of the lockdown for 39 provinces out of 47 (those of the capital Tokyo and Osaka will remain firm).

To spread the beautiful images on Reddit is the user BeardedGlass, a Japanese boy passionate about photos and travel:


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