This Dog Collects The Garbage That It Finds Abandoned And Makes The Sorting

Chipper is a very special dog. He loves playing with plastic bottles that he finds abandoned and his passion has turned into a real mission. In fact, the dog, together with its owner and other furry friends, contributes to keeping the environment around him clean by collecting not only bottles but also other types of garbage every week.

Katie Pollak is the proud “human mom” of Chipper, a dog he adopted in Mesa, Arizona when he was a puppy. Immediately the animal showed a great interest in the plastic bottles that it found around abandoned. He liked to play with it and he collected it, then slowly the “bottle mission” became an almost daily goal.

Now that he is 8 years old, Chipper has become a perfect but a bit singular “ecological operator”. He and another helper puppy, Quinci, often find themselves out and about in their mission to clean up an entire area and do it several times a week.

Chipper is very good at swimming and collects bottles that are also abandoned by the water.

Of course, atie brings bags to collect the trash and some small bags are hung directly from the harnesses of the animals. With her helpers she managed to make different areas shine again as Chipper, among other things, does not just collect only bottles but any type of trash is scattered around: cans discarded clothes and even old shoes.

Chipper has become somewhat of a celebrity in Arizona because of his unusual passion for recycling and has also participated in a television program. He is well known on the net and over 31,000 people follow Katie and her helpers on Instagram where the woman keeps track of their adventures.

Among other things, Katie claims that it was Chipper’s interest in thee collection that inspired her and not vice versa, as one might think. 

We should all learn something from this puppy’s innate environmental spirit!


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