Tell me which lotus flower you choose and I will tell you what period of your life you are living

A personality test that reveals to you what period of your life you are in. To break with the daily routine, choose one of these six lotus flowers , each one corresponds to a profile and shows you a little more of your character and the way you relate to others.

A quick test because it only takes a few minutes to do it. As we always reiterate, the tests do not have the absolute truth in their pockets, they are simple games and should be taken as such. Take two minutes of your time and start the test. Which lotus flower catches your attention first? After the image, you will find the solutions.

01. Flower number one
If you have chosen the first flower, it means that you are experiencing a difficult time and perhaps you have not fully realized it. You have to stay calm, it is the most important thing to overcome difficulties. Even if you want to explore and change everything right away, don’t. Wait, take your time and figure out what the right thing to do is.

02. Flower number two
If you have hit lotus flower number two, it means that you need to think better and think carefully about your next steps. You need to focus on yourself and not try to make everyone happy. Take a few minutes to analyze your financial situation as well, maybe your malaise also comes from there.

03. Flower number three
If you have chosen flower number three it means that you are suffering from something that does not depend on your will, but be careful not to become a victim. Take your time and work on those problems that plague you so much. Eliminate toxic people from life and you’ll get a new balance.

04. Flower number four
If this lotus flower was the one that caught your attention, it means that you are aware of the difficult time you are going through. You may feel discouraged and irritated, but there is a way out, you need to slow down. Try to have close people who love you and who really care about you.

05. Flower number five
If you have chosen this flower it means that you have taken the right path, even if you do not feel completely happy. You should be grateful for the people around you, but you should also be focused on yourself. There is nothing wrong with taking a break when you need it.

06. Flower number six
Flower number six? It’s hard to accept, but your emotional scars are much deeper than you think and you need to get over them. At this moment, you are not comfortable with yourself, stop being so scared, face your fears and overcome them.

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