Hachiko: Check out a rare and ancient photo of the most faithful dog in the world

From Japan comes a rare photo of Hachiko, the most faithful dog in the world who has moved hundreds of people with his story.

Hachiko, an Akita dog, was born in 1923 in Odate. It is famous throughout the world for its enormous loyalty to its owner, Professor Hidesaburo Ueno. Every day the professor went to Shibuya station to take the train to go to work. After Ueno’s sudden death, Hachiko continued to wait in vain for his return waiting for him at the station.

The photo was taken around 1934 and shows Hachiko lying in front of Shibuya station in Tokyo. In the background of the photo, we see passers-by who seem not to pay attention to the dog who became famous for never wanting to abandon his master.

The photo was taken by Isamu Yamamoto, a former bank employee who lived near the Shibuya station. The photo was found by Yamamoto’s family while they were tidying up the house where he had lived until 1947.

The photo of Hachiko at the same time captured the atmosphere of everyday life at Tokyo station. At that time the station was crowded with two-wheeled or bicycle-drawn hand carts.

Photo source: The Japan News

Yoko Imamura, Yamamoto’s eldest daughter, recalled that her father loved taking pictures and the black and white image of Hachiko was found in one of her albums. Hachiko is a now-familiar character for those visiting Shibuya station, thanks to the statue dedicated to him.

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The hope is that all who know Hachiko’s story can find solace in observing this image and remembering to what extent a dog can prove its loyalty to the man .

Source : Marta Albè

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