The spiritual test that reveals how to change our life

Are you ready to start new changes in your life? This simple spiritual test reveals something more about your character and allows you to understand your state of mind.

Our mind, our body often send us signals, but we don’t always catch them or are willing to do so.

Personality tests help us understand our emotions, the behaviors we adopt and how we relate to others.

This test takes just a few minutes and no commitment. As we always reiterate, the tests do not have the absolute truth in their pockets, they are simple games and should be taken as such.

Take two minutes of your time and start the test:

What do you see first in this picture?

Here are the results

01 Buddha
02 Squirrel
03 Roots of the tree
04 Lotus flowers

If looking at the image you saw Buddha first it means that you are an optimistic person, full of joy and who believes in success. You face every challenge at your best, whether it is study, work or a simple hobby. Even when something goes wrong, you have the ability to quickly adapt to new conditions for you so there is no radical change to make because you do it every day with awareness.

If you saw the white squirrel first, it means that you are a person of habit and that you hardly leave your comfort zone to throw yourself into new adventures. The world is like this for you, it is difficult for you to see new perspectives. However, the time has come to change your character side, indulge in curiosity and see it as a challenge to improve.

Roots of the tree
If you first saw the roots of the tree, it means that you are subconsciously experiencing a latent emotional state. You feel unwell, but you don’t know where it comes from: sadness, disappointment, loneliness? Pay attention to your feelings and try to understand what is making you feel bad. Real change can only start with your mind.

Lotus flowers
If you saw lotus flowers first, it means that you are a very creative person, but not only are you confident in the future and therefore without much effort, you can achieve the successes you want. The change you can make is to turn your gaze to others and help them have the same tenacity as you.

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