8 Honest Facts About Mother Earth We Didn’t Know

We try to learn about everything while we are on mother earth.
Our need to educate ourselves on every seeming topic at times feels too much to take.
But do we possess the same knowledge when it comes about knowing our very own planet. Are we aware about the struggles our mother faces, the ultimate mother who handles and bears everyone.
Today let us delve into the lesser known part of our planet and uncover honest facts about it.

Ozone layer is not growing anymore

The recent reports about our ozone layer which have come out are not pretty encouraging
The size of the ozone hole has shrunk by 4 million sq km, but this is a major difference if we look back at 2000 and look at it now.

When spring arrives

The phenomenon of spring which isn’t widely seen everywhere or experienced continues to amaze us with its magnificence. It travels at the speed of 2 mph.

How different is this mountain

It is difficult to believe that Tian Shan is the only place in the mountains where your blood pressure wouldn’t rise.
It surely is a heaven for people with high blood pressure.

Tectonic plates

Primarily owing to the tectonic system, there is a circulation of carbon that prevents the planet from overheating.

Did you know about Hamza?

There is a river called Hamza which flows parallel to the Amazon river about 13,000 ft underground.
It is 3,700 miles long and 248 miles wide.The Hamza blanks in the Atlantic Ocean, deep under the surface.

Loss of 3 trillion of ice

Recent reports have proved that Antarctica has lost 3 trillion ton of ice in 25 years.
Back in 2017, the Larsen iceberg broke from Antarctica. It weighs more than 1 trillion ton in totality and it’s half the size of Jamaica.

A world without water

We all know and realise the importance of water in life. We really cant imagine how life is going to be in the absence of water, an artist’s depiction has exactly shown how barren our world would be without water.

Pangaea used to be a continent

This was a thing around 200 million years ago. We never knew this Pangaea continent would be back and how. To early to call it maybe, but there could be 8 continents in totality now

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