Truth Behind Those Perfect Online Photos Revealed Here

4 Social Life

There was a time when social life meant going out for dinner with friends every weekend or vacation once in every 6 months with people you like. Social life back then was more happening. Now, social life for most of us mean uploading a picture on Instagram or telling the world where we are on Facebook. Online social media sites have changed the dynamics of human race. Without questioning the advantages of the newly developed online social media websites, it’s important for everyone to understand how harmful these websites can be. Months ago we told you about this case where this guy is about to ABDUCT a boy he met on Facebook and what happens when his parents show up is crazy. Such examples show us how dangerous these social media websites can be.

But no matter what, people still like to show off on these platforms. Your friends must be uploading tons of their pictures online. Have you ever wondered how do they manage to click such brilliant photos? Well, we’ve revealed that mystery ahead in the video. For now, look at this picture. It looks great, but see how it has been clicked.

3 The Foot

Well, it’s time for you to put your foot down and see how this picture was clicked. It’s all about photography and the correct poses. Just like this one. Now you didn’t really think that this is how this picture was clicked, did you?

2 That Angle

This picture just goes on to show the extent to which people go to just get their pictures clicked nicely. Well, this world is one crazy den to survive in.

1 The Video

Look at this picture now. Clicked as black and white. Looks absolutely perfect. No one could’ve imagined that this is the reality behind this click.
Check out the video and see what exactly and how exactly do people click their pictures to post online.

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