An Orangutan Birth Is Recorded For The First Time. Wait Till She Shows Her Baby To Humans.

There’s nothing more beautiful than watching a baby born, be it to a human or an animal, it is something that binds both the species together. This orangutan birth was captured on the camera for the world to see!

The Birth of An Orangutan

There’s nothing more beautiful than the process of giving birth. It is one thing that binds humans and animals together! This orangutan is captured while giving birth to her baby in the first ever video of its kind and it is beautiful to watch!

Weirdly Beautiful

The video at the end of this article has the whole recording of this mother giving a birth to a baby so it may be disturbing to a select audience. Hence, viewer discretion is advised!

The Process of Giving Birth

Immediately after giving birth to the baby, this mother licks her baby and embraces it. It might be a little too uneasy for you to watch. Hence, watch at your own consent! But, it’s natural and there’s no disgust in it! You’ve to understand, they’re animals, they’ve their own way of doing things!

The Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust

This video was shot at the Durrell Wildlife Conservative Trust that preserves the endangered species offering them a secure place to dwell in! Go ahead to watch the breathtaking video of this mother giving birth to a baby!

The Video Of The Birth of Baby Orangutan

Here’s the video

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