Doctor Explains How To Keep Glasses From Fogging Up While Wearing A Face Mask

If you wear glasses, you might have noticed an issue while wearing a mask.

With governments announcing the compulsory wearing of face masks in places around the world, many folks who wear glasses have noticed it’s quite difficult to keep them from misting up.

There’s good news for wearers of optics, you no longer have to choose between seeing clearly and protecting yourself and others.

For those of you blessed with perfect vision, you may be blissfully unaware of the problems wearing a mask while wearing a pair of specs can bring, with glasses-wearers complaining of them steaming or fogging up.

Now, a helpful optician has shared some top tips on how to keep them steam free.

Gordon Kyle from Miller and McClure Opticians in Paisley shared a clip in which he said ‘there are a few things to think about’ when it comes to avoiding steaming up your lenses.

So, without further ado, here’s Gordon’s three tips.

Firstly, he recommends wearing your glasses on top of your mask, which will make them form a sort of seal, keeping the mask tight and in place on your face, meaning there’s less air coming up through the top and fogging up your lenses.

Next up, Gordon suggests lining the top of the mask with some tissue paper before you pop it on, which completely stops the lenses from fogging up.

Finally, he says you can tie two knots on the strings holding your mask – so it’s ‘like a wee package’ as Gordon says – this ensure the mask is snugger on your face. Clever, eh?

Gordon also warned people about trying out other methods that have been shared online, which involve coating your glasses with various cleaning products.

He told the Daily Record: “There has been chat online about using shaving foam, toothpaste and even methylated spirits but my concern is that it could cause long term damage to the lenses.

“The other thing folk have mentioned for the lenses is washing up liquid. I’m just not convinced that it’s risk free.”

From 24 July masks will be compulsory in shops in England – and those found flouting the rules can be refused service or even whacked with a £100 ($126) fine.

Other countries around the world are doing similar things as well.

South Africa has made it mandatory for anyone in public to wear a mask, and America, though slow to get there, has some establishments and shops making mask wearing a must.

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