If You See Them Don’t Be Scared, They Are Not Creepy Feet

For a few days, a photo has been circulating on social networks in which a man’s disturbing toes seem to sprout from a trunk.

You may encounter something similar during a hike in the woods because, in reality, it is not feet but a variety of fungus known – not surprisingly – by the common name of ” dead man’s fingers

The mushroom ( Xylaria polymorpha ) belongs to the Xylariaceae family and grows in the humid forests of different regions of our country.

It can be found in summer and autumn on rotting branches and is recognized by its black color and wrinkled surface.

In some cases, but not always, the appearance resembles that of the toes, not exactly in good health.

It is not an edible mushroom , but we bet you will hardly want to taste it.

Sources of reference: Crypto-Facebook / Italian mushrooms

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