Pregnant Hummingbird Builds A Nest With A Roof To Take Care Of Its Future Young

Nature and animals always give us wonderful emotions. A photographer in Paraguay managed to capture a magical moment, when a pregnant hummingbird female built a small house for her future babies: a nest with a roof!

The hummingbird is the smallest bird in the world and has 334 species, in its tiny body of just under 300 grams there are a myriad of colors, which is why it is considered one of the most fascinating birds in the world.

According to the American peoples, the hummingbird was the reincarnation of warriors given the aggressiveness and speed in flying from one side to the other. We had already told you about the Mayan legend of the hummingbird, according to which feathers were considered magical and the birds themselves were sacred creatures that possessed healing powers.

But in these shots, what transpires is the love of a mother who thinks of her little ones. Photographer and nature guide Bianca Caroline Soares captured a beautiful moment in the forests of Paraguay. This pregnant hummingbird has built a rather special nest because the future mother has also thought about the roof to prevent rain, sun or predators from disturbing the growth of the little ones.

The images published on Instagram by the photographer have been around the world arousing so much tenderness. Bianca Caroline Soares’ account is full of nests, but this one with the roof is certainly the most ingenious. A great place to form a wonderful family!

Source: Bianca Caroline Soares / Monumento Científico Moisés Bertoni Via: Green me it

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