Another 100 sarcophagi dating back to 2500 years ago found in Saqqara: it is the most important archaeological discovery of 2020

For days the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquity has left the world with bated breath, waiting to reveal the new discoveries that have taken place in the Saqqara Necropolis. And a few hours ago, finally, he revealed the news coming from the heart of Egypt.

Excavations by the mission operating in the area have led to the discovery of over 100 coffins in good condition, owned by senior statesmen and priests belonging to the 26th dynasty. These are another 100 sarcophagi in addition to 59 recently identified and opened.

The coffins were found inside new burial pits that had been buried and closed for 2500 years. Some wooden statues and coloured and gilded masks were also found in excellent condition.

“Today we announce the largest archaeological discovery of 2020, in the presence of foreign ambassadors from over 43 countries and 200 media representatives to present a new part of our great civilization to the whole world,” said the Egyptian Minister of Tourism and Antiquities Khaled El-Enany.

According to Enany, COVID-19 hasn’t stopped his colleagues from unearthing other treasures in the Saqqara necropolis.

The newly discovered coffins will be transferred to the Great Egyptian Museum to be exhibited in the room next to the one containing the Asasif Cachette. Preliminary studies have also revealed that they belong to priests of the 26th dynasty, high officials and elites. Most of them contain mummies. In addition, dozens of statuettes of Batah Suker, the main god of the Saqqara necropolis, as well as a group of amulets and figurines were also found.

“100 wooden coffins closed for over 2500 years, 40 wooden statues of God Batah Suker, two wooden statues among the best of Oshabti statues” reveals the Ministry. “Saqqara is full of secrets that she tells us every now and then, and this is just the beginning”.
Additionally, numerous gold artifacts have been unearthed.

Discoveries that add to those made known last month, when one of the 60 new sarcophagi found in Saqqara was opened live on the web.

The Egyptian archaeological mission had announced in recent years a series of important archaeological discoveries in this region, the last of which concerned the 59 human coffins in which mummies in excellent condition were found. A precious piece that helps to reconstruct the history of Ancient Egypt.

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