These Men Managed To Record a Huge UFO Over a Lake in Ohio (Video)

Two friends from the United States have recently managed to capture a scene that seems like a science fiction movie.

While on a trip near Lake Erie, Ohio, the two men managed to film a huge UFO hovering above the water.

The Great Lakes are well known for stories of UFOs that have been seen by countless witnesses over time.

These lakes are also a small Bermuda Triangle because ships and airplanes have always disappeared in this area.

Locals have a pretty interesting theory to explain a large number of UFO sightings in this area.

They believe that somewhere underwater there is an extraterrestrial base. The existence of this alien base would justify the abnormal number of UFO sightings in the area.

Witnesses described this UFO as having well-defined edges, and the reflection of the UFO on the water was quite clear.

Immediately below the UFO, it was observed that the water was stirred as if the propulsion of this UFO would have stirred the water.

Watch the original video and see for yourself:

Source: Infinity Explorers

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