Sleep With A Cut Lemon On The Bedside Table Every Night And Discover The Unexpected Benefits

We have already talked to you about the original natural anti cough remedy which involves placing chopped onion on the bedside table before going to sleep. This time we propose instead to put lemon slices on a saucer next to the bed . Here because…

Lemon is a truly versatile ingredient in the kitchen and at home, it is also known to be a very useful natural remedy for our health in different circumstances. We associate its scent with fresh, clean environments and its characteristic citrus aroma is able to have a positive effect on our mood.

A good habit we can take before going to sleep is to put a lemon cut in slices or in 4 parts near the bed! Because?

1.Better than room fragrances
The smell of lemon is generally appreciated by everyone. It is an excellent and decidedly more ecological solution than air fresheners for chemical environments (which among other things are harmful to health) to make the air in our room more pleasant.

2.Purify the air
Without the need to use any chemical or toxic substance, with a little lemon you will not only have a more fragrant but also cleaner air in your room. The aromatic principles present in this fruit have in fact antiseptic power.

3.Improve sleep
Having better air in the room where you sleep is very important to improve the quality of sleep and in this way also act positively on the immune defenses of our body.

4.Improve your breathing
Especially if you have allergies or asthma, putting cut lemon on your bedside table can help you breathe better throughout the night.

5.Fresh throat and active head
After sleeping a whole night in close contact with the lemon aroma, you will probably wake up with a cool throat and a much more active and focused head than usual.

6.Via anxiety and depression
The lemon aroma is able to drive away anxiety and depression, in fact it acts very strongly on the mood. By getting into the habit of sleeping while breathing its scent, we could enjoy much more peaceful and relaxed awakenings.

To have a stronger aroma, you can also put more cut lemons next to the bed (all varieties of this citrus fruit are fine).

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