Wildlife Photographer Of The Year: The best wildlife photos of 2019

Also this year the winners of the prestigious contest “Wildlife Photographer Of The Year “ and the winning images are truly more beautiful than the other.

The participants, about 48,000 from all over the world including the very young, were gradually skimmed by the jury of the Natural History Museum , which finally decreed the best photos, dividing them into adult and youth categories of various ages.

Here are some of the most exciting winning shots ever.

1.Land of the Eagle by Audun Rikardsen

Land of the eagle, Audun Rikardsen, Norvegia Vincitore nella categoria “Comportamento: uccelli” Il planaggio di un’aquila reale su un ramo posizionato dal fotografo nella speranza che diventasse un suo punto di appoggio, lasciando anche carcasse di animali nei dintorni © Audun Rikardsen/Wildlife Photographer of the Year

It took time and cunning to immortalize the golden eagle but in the end Audun Rikardsen made it, taking a photograph destined to remain etched in the memory.

2.“The Moment” by Yongqing Bao

The moment, Yongqing Bao, Cina © Yongqing Bao/Wildlife Photographer of the Year

This terrible, and at the same time wonderful, image was taken by the Chinese Yongqing Bao and immortalizes a terrified marmot, and paralyzed , due to a fox ready to jump on her. The photo was taken in the prairie of the Tibetan plateau of China and shows nature as it really is, even in its cruelty.

3.Night Glow by Cruz Erdmann

Night Glow by Cruz Erdmann

The image of the fluorescent squid was taken by the young Cruz Erdmann during a night dive. The photographer happened to come across squid from the Bigfin reef and took the opportunity to capture the beautiful colors on the fly. Soon after, the squid disappeared into thin air.

4.The Ethereal Drifter by Angel Fitor

The Ethereal Drifter by Angel Fitor

Angel Fitor managed to immortalize a wonderful comb jellyfish with the combs scattering the light, creating a colorful iridescence. These beautiful jellyfish do not sting unlike the others and “capture plankton and other small prey using sticky cells in their lobes and tentacles.”

5.Snow-plateau nomads by Shangzhen Fan

Snow-plateau nomads by Shangzhen Fan

This photo taken by Shangzhen Fan is truly incredible, immortalizing a herd of antelopes as they move high up on the Qinghai-Tibet plateau, leaving behind a long trail of footprints that stand out against the white of the snow.

6.The Architectural Army by Daniel Kronauer

The Architectural Army by Daniel Kronauer

Being in front of such an ant nest doesn’t have to be reassuring, but it sure is exciting. They were immortalized by Daniel Kronauer in the middle of a forest where thousands of poisonous soldier ants were building their nest.

7.The Rat Pack by Charlie Hamilton James

The Rat Pack by Charlie Hamilton James

We usually prefer to ignore them because they cause us disgust but it can be interesting to enter their little world, and with this shot Charlie Hamilton James did it wonderfully. The rats immortalized in Lower Manhattan seem intent on talking to each other, like a mini-family, and seeing them from this unusual perspective makes them even more tender and friendly.

8.Another Barred Migrant by Alejandro Prieto

Another Barred Migrant by Alejandro Prieto

“It took Alejandro two years to take the perfect photo of a male jaguar “ and he finally succeeded! The image was taken under the starry sky of Arizona and projects it onto a section of the fence that separates the United States and Mexico, not surprisingly. In fact, Alejandro specifies that because of the wall, the jaguars present mainly in South America, now exterminated in the US, will no longer be able to reach the country in the north, establishing a new reproductive population.

9.Early Riser by Riccardo Marchegiani

Early Riser by Riccardo Marchegiani

Exciting shot by the young Italian Riccardo Marchegiani who immortalizes a Gelada baboon, the only living species of the genus Theropithecus, with its sweet cub.

10.Humming Surprise by Thomas Easterbrook

Humming Surprise by Thomas Easterbrook

In the category of the youngest, aged 10 and under, one of the winners was the little Thomas Easterbrook thanks to this shot dedicated to a hummingbird sphinx intent on drinking the nectar of flowers. It must not have been easy to frame it right at that moment, good Thomas!

Photo Credit: Natural History Museum

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