This kid is With an Enormous Snake

Kids normally love to play, it does not need to be the extravagant toys, in fact, they can make do with almost anything that they get their hands on. Oftentimes, these things are just the common toys bought by their parents but there are also times when kids decide to play with the most bizarre objects they can find.

Just like this kid who decided to spend time playing with a giant snake. (Yes, you’ve read it right, not any other cute animals like dogs or cats but the venomous and extremely dangerous kind of reptile)

At the start of the video, it was seen that the kid was having a fun time with his makeshift slide which was the slippery skin of the snake. He enjoys his very own ride as the snake crawls forward.

Seemingly unsatisfied with his bizarre ride, the kid then stood up and ran towards the snake’s mouth to pick it up like it was just one of its toys.

We can only imagine the danger the kid’s action might cause because the snake can swallow him whole anytime as the reptile’s size was more than 5 times bigger than the body size of the child.

However, as seen in the video, its as if the kid feels no fear at all and even enjoys what he was doing as he can be seen smiling all throughout the video.

We admire this kid’s bravery but we strongly not recommend this kind of act to be done by other children.

You can watch the full video here:

H/T  : Trends zilla

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