Vanga’s Prophecies For 2021 Are Simply Terrifying!

Many people take the words of the famous prophetess Vanga quite seriously – sometimes her predictions really came true partially. Even after her death, Baba Wanga left a huge number of various prophecies – predicted the death of the Kursk submarine, the September 11 terrorist attack in the United States and much more. And there are predictions for 2021 too …

So, what does Baba Wanga predict for us for 2021?

I will disappoint, but there are more negative moments than positive ones.


Baba Wanga predicted that in 2021 the Earth will face the strongest earthquakes, which will lead to high volcanic activity.

Muslim military invasion of the Old World.

By the way, now in Europe, it is not very calm as it is because of the frequent terrorist attacks carried out by refugees. However, Wanga predicts that things will get worse – even chemical attacks and armed clashes between the parties are possible.

“A strong dragon will take over humanity. Three giants will unite … “.

Here, apparently, we are talking about China. Two more giants are the Russian Federation and India.

Demographic crisis.

Russian Vanga predicted a demographic crisis. By the way, in recent years, the death rate has really overtaken the birth rate, and the coronavirus has become another blow.

“The day will come when cancer will be tied with iron chains.”

Perhaps Wanga said that in 2021 a person will either begin to effectively fight cancer or will take a big step in this direction.

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