16 Amazing Finds Shared By Netizens

The most advanced geolocator models allow you to “look” several meters underground, even through dense ground, and see what is hidden there. Oh, it’s a pity that such things are not yet available for sale – how many interesting things could be found with their help! But even without advanced technology, people still manage to make discoveries that excite the imagination. And often from scratch, which is even more striking!

During excavations at the Jambukeswarar Temple (India), this pot with 505 gold coins was found. The archaeologists were overjoyed.

“Found a 97 year old dollar today”

The Roman silver dagger lay in the ground for two millennia. Its restoration took another 9 months.

Such a centenary silver ring was found by an amateur to wander with a metal detector

A ring made of real gold, with real precious stones, found in an old house

Historians date this medal 1226-1350 years. She was found by a gardener in his garden.

At the flea market, there was such a charm on sale! This is after cleaning the mold.

There are many small seashells inside the stone – such a fossil-dormitory

The coin has oxidized too much, but the more interesting is the pattern under the rust

In the process of mineralization, the shell of the mollusk was replaced by a gold-like pyrite

Mineralka, a special series for the Olympics-56. Still sealed.

A simple brooch with an unusual design, probably antiques

A ring found with a metal detector. It contains 79 stones!

Very old and inexpensive watch. They are unlikely to be of value, but finding them is also interesting.

A real gem, albeit small, extracted from an oyster

While building the foundation for the barn, the farmer found a magnificent agate

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