Items In The House Indicating That You Have Been Spoiled

Damage is extremely detrimental to a person’s health and even his life, not to mention luck or money. There are several common spoilage items. If you find them at home or at work, it will be urgent to get rid of them.

The earth especially poured under the threshold, carries the energy of death. For damage, it is usually taken from a fresh grave. To remove such damage, it is necessary to collect all the earth with a broom. It is better to burn the broom and take the earth to the cemetery. When cleaning, you need to read a prayer or conspiracy to remove damage.


like earth, is poured under the rug by the door or on the threshold. This damage is much easier than earth damage. Salt must be collected in any way and poured away from home or drained into the toilet.


(pin, sharp iron object) carry negativity to all the inhabitants of the house: this is damage to illness or discord in the family. Typically, the needle is stuck in an inconspicuous place in the wall or thrown under the floor. Usually, such an item is discovered by accident. To remove such damage, it is necessary to break the needle (protecting your hands) and bury it as far from the house as possible.

The stub from the candle

on which the conspiracy was read, can destroy health or “drive away” luck. The found remnant of the candle should be taken to the church and a prayer for health should be read.

A clump of hair is usually thrown up to embroil a couple in love. To “remove” damage, you need to cut your hair and burn it, and flush the ashes down the toilet.

A note with obscure symbols

stuck in a door frame or found under a rug by the door is a taint of loneliness or mental health problems. If it is important for you to understand what the written means, you should contact a specialist in esotericism. If not, the found paper must be burned.

Banknotes can also be a “tool” for damage to theft or financial loss. You should be on your guard if a number is crossed out on the money or it is stitched with black threads. If found, they must be burned and the ash dispersed.

Very often, after the destruction of the found items, the one who did it can make themselves felt.

Protect your well-being and periodically check the house for damage.

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