22 Amazing Abandoned Places On The Planet And Their Charming Magnetic Aura

Modern “abandoned buildings” have nothing to do with the ruins of antiquity, which archaeologists cherish. Despite the danger of visiting abandoned places, every extreme sportsman knows at least a dozen locations where “no man’s foot has gone before”. Some places were empty after stopping production or mining, others due to climate change and other reasons.

We have compiled a collection of photographs taken in the once busy parts of the planet. Now people do not come here, and the objects themselves, which have retained a special spirit of presence that excites the imagination, have lost their relevance.

The graveyard of ships, where the waves of the Aral Sea were rustling until recently. 
New York, a subway station in midtown Manhattan was closed in 1945 because its platform was unsuitable for modern trains
The 18th century Paraskeva-Friday Church has been empty since 1936. 
Kaluga region, Russia
Abandoned since 2006, the lighthouse at Cape Aniva, which was built by the Japanese in 1939. 
Sakhalin, Russia
An unfinished shuttle in the abandoned hangar of Baikonur (Kazakhstan), as a reproach for the unrealized space program “Buran-Energia”
Silverdome Stadium in Pontiac, Michigan, USA. 
Pope John Paul II celebrated Mass in this arena, the 1994 FIFA World Cup was held and Pink Floyd performed. 
The stadium has been closed since 2010
The control room of the abandoned Kelenfeld power plant, which provided electricity and hot water to the Hungarian capital Budapest. 
Built in 1914 and closed in November 2014
Ghosts are believed to be found in abandoned homes built in secluded areas
In 1853, this mansion looked majestic
Abandoned highway in California, USA
A non-working escalator is gradually overgrown with bushes
This is what an abandoned track looks like in Taiwan, where almost all rail routes are extreme
As soon as the establishment is closed, it quickly decays
An empty theater in Italy is gradually collapsing
Nature takes its toll in the closed area of ​​the Fukushima nuclear power plant, Japan. 
The vegetation has already swallowed the highway and began to take over the abandoned cars.
Abandoned school in Detroit, Michigan, USA
Nature turned an abandoned river boat into a floating meadow
In winter, the old submarine base is frozen
The city of Kolmanskop (Namibia) was deserted when diamond mining stopped. 
Once upon a time there were trams, roses grew and beer was brewed
Institute of Anatomy in Berlin (Germany) built in 1929 and closed in 2003
Mount Buzludzha, peak Haji Dimitar in Bulgaria is the most famous “abandoned” Europe. 
The memorial house was built in honor of the Communist Party in 1980
Waterpark in Hue, Vietnam was built in 2004 but never opened
Bangkok, Thailand, New World Shopping Center

During each rainy season, the lower floors of the building were flooded and goldfish settled there. Tourists quickly found out about the new attraction, which is why the government ordered the building to be closed, and the fish to be caught and released into the ponds.

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