How Our Children Choose Us Before They Are Born

Many mothers tell how they dreamed about the name of their first child or how intuition told them the gender and even the personal qualities of future children …

Such guesses simply cannot be coincidence. All these are moments when souls themselves choose what will be their physical environment, including parents and family, where they will appear.

Transmigration theories have been popular since time immemorial and have not lost their relevance to this day. After the soul is separated from its physical shell, it goes to the afterlife to complement its spiritual experience. The turn of the life cycle is considered complete when the soul is ready to leave the spiritual dimension again and begin a new earthly life.

With the help of the divine knowledge acquired by the soul during its stay in the spiritual dimension of the universe, it is now looking for a new experience – one where it could correct past mistakes, make the right decisions and learn new life lessons. The transition process is inextricably linked to this evolutionary approach.

So, do we really choose our own parents? At first glance, this question may seem strange, but it is. As soon as the soul decides to leave the spiritual dimension for another life as a mere mortal, it will try to choose the most appropriate time, place and people for its birth. This process depends on many factors, which we will discuss later in the article.

Future parents are determined by the desire of the soul

For the most part, the soul’s selection of its new parents depends on its desire to achieve certain goals, maintain a particular lifestyle and receive life lessons. For example, if earlier the soul lived in a family where there was only one child, now it can choose a family where it will have a brother or sister.

Conversely, the soul may want to experience the same, but change its lifestyle at the same time. This is what forms the character of the soul at birth. Moreover, it is this that contributes to the diversity and individuality of every soul on the planet.

The formation of a bond depends mainly on its purpose.

You may have heard parents talk about the feeling that their unborn child is waiting for them to be born into this world at the most appropriate time for it. Such signals from another world can come to us at very different ages, depending on the purpose of the soul.

Thus, the soul can choose for itself a goal, the achievement of which it will devote all its new earthly life. This will affect all of her decisions, including the timing of birth, place, family, etc.

Goals can be personal, based on mistakes or failures in a previous life. So, imagine that in a past life you had an unhappy childhood. Now your soul may seek to compensate for this.

Parents must play their part too

It may be hard to believe, but parents at the time of conception have a very strong influence on which soul becomes part of their family. The fact is that souls in the spiritual dimension can absorb the energy emitted by people.

Before or during the process of conception, parents, and mothers, in particular, are able to choose the personality traits that their child will possess. This ability works almost like a magnet since unborn souls sift through the energy radiated by people, selecting among them the one that suits them.

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