The Secret Power Of Cats: How They Feel Human Diseases And Try To Warn About It

Whether it’s scientifically proven or not, it’s best to listen to what your cat is trying to say. Remember, cats are very intelligent animals!

Cats are famous for their indifference to what is happening around them, aren’t they? But do they really care what emotions their owners experience and how they are doing with their health? In this article, you will find out if cats are endowed with superpowers that allow them to sense human illness.

Cats Feel Disease: True or Fiction?

Why would a skeptic believe that cats feel sick? Do these animals have some kind of superpower? And how can a creature that cannot speak at all have such an important skill?

We always say that cats are amazing animals. They have a developed spirituality, and they, like no other animal, are connected with the mystical world. In addition, they have highly developed extrasensory perception, which makes us believe in the ability of cats to feel the presence of illness and even the approach of death.

If in order to prove a given skill of cats, it was required to name just one aspect, we would say: they are focused on the present. Have you noticed that cats are always calm and quiet? The point is that they are in a permanent meditative state.

We all know that meditation and mindfulness bring relief to the mind, allowing us to focus on the things that really matter. Probably, it is the immunity of the feline mind to all sorts of distractions that gives it the ability to pick up on more serious things like a person’s disease.

The smell is their superpower

Besides spiritual and psychic abilities, cats have another superpower: their sense of smell. Therefore, they easily determine the onset of illness and the appearance of emotions even before you yourself know about them. But how exactly does this happen?

Our body is constantly changing. We breathe, blood runs through our veins, and hormones are constantly produced in the body. If the normal functioning of the human body is disturbed, it releases substances, the appearance of which catches the scent of the cat. Here is a good reason for you to believe that cats sense the presence of a disease in humans.

Smell, like sensory perception, is an important tool in a cat’s determination that a person is sick. Cat owners will now say that their pets ignore when they are called loudly, but in reality they hear and know everything.

If you have a cold or flu, you can tell if your cat knows about your illness by walking around you all the time. You may think that your pet is showing love in this way, but in fact, such behavior may indicate an elevated body temperature and the animal’s desire to take advantage of it.

While some owners believe that their cats can tell exactly when they feel unwell, there are those who claim that pets helped them identify cancer and other serious illnesses. At the moment, there is no research or evidence to support this fact, but surely many have heard the story of how a man from Canada thus found a huge tumor in his lungs. And all because his cat meowed all day long, lying on his chest.

Another interesting case occurred with a woman in Tennessee who decided to go for a check-up after a cat started constantly jumping on one of her breasts. The diagnosis is breast cancer. Thanks to early diagnosis and a cat, the woman was saved.

Whether it’s scientifically proven or not, it’s best to listen to what your cat is trying to say. Remember, cats are very intelligent animals!

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