12 Little Known Laws Of Karma That Will Change Your Life

Surely you have already come across such a concept as karma more than once. But do you know the true meaning of this word? If we translate the word “karma” from Sanskrit, then it means “action.” One can easily draw an analogy with Newton’s law, which says that “every action always has an equal and opposite reaction.” 

The moment you think about something, speak or decide to take a certain action, you generate a force that will react to your actions accordingly. Interestingly, it has a powerful reversal and often opposite effect that can be neutralized, but most people have no idea how to do it. 

Another analogy is the rule of cause and effect. But all this should be taken not as a punishment of fate or something like that. Interpret all this as a reason for self-study and the formation of the necessary conclusions. 

A person will always be responsible for the consequences of his actions in the past. But whether he will suffer from this is completely different. If a person has driven himself into a corner on his own and accepts the negative effects of karma, then he will experience pain. As the saying goes, ignorance of the law does not absolve from responsibility! 

So, in order to get rid of the feeling of guilt and the negative consequences of karma, let’s try to better understand its laws. 

1. The great law 

Do you remember the everlasting adage: “What you sow is what you reap”? So this is the basic rule of karma. 

To find happiness, peace and love, you must … live this way! Yes, it’s simple. You just need to meet your own expectations and project those emotions onto others that you want to receive. 

2. The law of creation 

As you know, life does not originate from emptiness. She needs your input. Remember that you are one with nature and the entire universe, not only spiritually, but also physically. 

 You can better understand this law if you pay more attention to your own environment. Just be yourself and create what you would like to receive. 

3. The law of humility 

This karmic law says that you are not able to change yourself and the world around you if you do not accept reality and have not learned humility. 

Even if there is an enemy in front of you or something unpleasant surrounds you, you need to accept this fact. If you give yourself up to emotions, then you risk losing the ability to think rationally. 

4. The law of growth 

Remember that you are living exactly as you deserve. Nothing is given just like that. To get the opportunity to grow both spiritually and materially, you need to adapt and develop, and not look for a convenient opportunity and give your destiny to chance. 

You are the only factor that can affect your life. This is something that you can control. 

5. Law of responsibility 

If something goes wrong in your life, then you are doing something wrong. Or the problem lies in your wrong attitude to life. 

Your environment is a mirror through which you can understand what exactly reflects your essence. 

Try to take responsibility for everything you relate to in life. 

6. The law of interconnection 

Karma teaches us that we need to take seriously even the smallest details, the most insignificant actions and thoughts, because everything is interconnected. 

 Step by step you will move towards your goal if you understand the essence of the law of interconnection. You must learn the main thing – nothing and no one will do your job for you. Only you can give impetus to development. 

Don’t give too much importance to the first and last step. Because they are no different from the rest. All this is just another stage for a dream come true. 

 And remember that your past influences your present. And how you behave today will determine your future. Everything is interconnected. 

7. Law of focus 

It’s simple – learn to focus only on what’s important. It’s impossible to think rationally by keeping the brain busy with two problems at the same time. 

If you focus on the good, you will shield yourself from thoughts of anger and greed. 

8. The law of generosity and hospitality 

If you believe in karma and its laws, then this one should be simple for you. Showing hospitality and generosity towards others are the main principles of karma. 

If you claim to have learned the laws, then generosity and hospitality will not cause you problems. 

9. The law on life here and now 

Yes, you can look into the past and analyze your path. You can think about the future in order to better understand your desires. But never forget about life in the here and now. 

While you are distracted by what has already happened or may be, today will come to an end. You risk losing the happiness that was next to you. 

10. Law of Change 

Everything that happens to you is somehow connected with your attitude towards life. Negative events will repeat themselves until you learn the lesson and open up to change. 

11. The Law of Patience and Rewards 

It takes a lot of effort to receive the award. Without it, you don’t need to count on anything. 

The reward knows how to wait, but this does not mean that you can relax and postpone everything for later. 

Real joy will fill you not after receiving the reward, but from the realization that you were able to overcome this path and get to know yourself better. 

12. The law of seriousness and inspiration 

You will always get a return on what you put your energy into. And the realization that you were able to decide on something and do it efficiently and with inspiration will give results in the future. 

If you take things lightly and start work without inspiration, you will not get the expected high result. 

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