8 Water Tricks That Break Your Brain

If you do not have a hare and a hat at hand, then it is quite possible to do with improvised means. Water is enough for scientific “magic”

Trick # 1: Water Illusion

Instructions: pour water into the glass in front of the drawn arrows and watch their direction magically change.

What you need to perform the trick: a glass, water, arrows printed on paper or displayed on a computer screen.

How it works: rays of light, when passing from one environment to another (from air to water), change their direction, approaching the perpendicular. Water has a higher refractive index than air. A glass of water also acts like a magnifying glass.

Trick # 2: Pepper and Water

Instructions: Fill a bowl with water and sprinkle with pepper. Please note: when you touch the water surface with your finger, nothing happens. Now put a drop of liquid soap on your finger and repeat the trick – pepper particles “fly away” to the edges of the bowl.

What you need to complete the trick: water, pepper, a bowl, and soap.

How it works: Peppers float to the surface due to surface tension forces. Soap interferes with hydrogen bonding between water molecules, breaking the surface tension. With this violation, the water spreads, capturing grains of pepper.

Trick # 3: Water and Whiskey

Instructions: Fill one glass with water and the other with whiskey. Place the plastic card on the glass of water, then turn it over and place it on the glass of whiskey so that the card is between the glasses, and move it slightly, creating a gap for mixing liquids. After 10 minutes, the whiskey and water will change places.

What you need to complete the trick: water, two glasses, whiskey and a map.

How it works: Fluids have different densities. The whiskey just floats up because it is lighter than water.

Trick # 4: Fireproof Bouncy Ball

Instruction: To make the balloon fire-resistant, just fill it with water and place it over the candle flame.

What you need to complete the trick: water, a candle, a lighter, and a balloon.

How it works: Water absorbs heat, cooling the ball at the bottom and thus preventing thermal collapse.

Trick # 5: Glowing Jet

Instructions: make a small hole at the bottom of the bottle. Fill it with water. Aim the laser pointer directly at the hole. Place your hand, a colored stream will flow down onto it.

What you need to complete the trick: water, a plastic bottle, and a laser pointer.

How it works: The flow of water acts like a fiber optic, transmitting light. When a laser beam hits the jet, it refracts inside it, creating the illusion of light refraction.

Trick # 6: Glow Tonic

Instruction: just turn on the ultraviolet lamp and the tonic bottle will glow.
What you need to complete the trick: A bottle of tonic (a drink made of soda and quinine) and an ultraviolet lamp.

How it works: Quinine converts UV light into the visible spectrum.

Trick # 7: Nylon mesh cork?

Instructions: Cut a small square piece of nylon mesh, place it on the neck of the bottle, and secure it with an elastic band. Fill the bottle with water through the mesh. Covering the neck of the bottle with your palm, turn it over. Water is not spilled through a nylon sieve, moreover, toothpicks can be threaded through it.

What you need to do the trick: water, glass bottle, nylon mesh, rubber band and toothpicks.

How it works: Due to the binding properties of water, “membranes” are formed in the small holes of the mesh. The air pressure outside is greater than the air pressure inside the bottle, and this holds the water in. Since a toothpick is less dense than water, it floats after passing through a layer of water.

Trick # 8: Water Ice Cream

Instructions: Place a bottle of distilled water in a freezer with a temperature not exceeding 0⁰C. When the water reaches 0⁰C, carefully remove the bottle. Squeezing it or hitting it on a table will cause the water to freeze (crystallize). Then try pouring it into your palm, it will turn out very effectively.

What you need to complete the trick: Purified water (distillate), plastic bottle, freezer.

How it works: Water typically freezes at around 0⁰C. Impurities in ordinary water promote crystallization even at slightly higher temperatures. The absence of these impurities in purified water makes it possible to move the freezing point (crystallization) to a level slightly below zero. However, by shaking the bottle, you activate the crystallization of even distilled water at zero degrees.

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