The Mother Bear Brought The Cubs To The Beach

People will remember this for a long time!

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The bear family is the very last thing people expected to see on the busy beach.

This amazing story took place at Lake Tahoe, California. In broad daylight, dozens of people were able to see a mother bear with two cubs, who decided to swim in close proximity to a person.

The weather was hot, and many tourists gathered on the lake that day. People were sunbathing, playing with children, kayaking on the lake. The desire of predators to cool off in cool water was understandable, but their behavior raised many questions – after all, no one had ever seen predators so close and in such a relaxed atmosphere.

Mom did not seem to be bothered at all by the noisy environment. The animals frolicked in the water and behaved completely relaxed. People, on the other hand, tried to restrain their urge to get closer and kept a safe distance.

Many of those present filmed the entire process on the phone – when else will it be possible to see a bear with cubs without any threat to life? This is truly a rare sight, because in wildlife, females with cubs try to hide from humans or, on the contrary, show aggression in his presence.

Fortunately, this time everything went surprisingly well. Ten minutes later, the bear family, having bathed a lot, left the beach and headed towards the forest. And the vacationers never ceased to rejoice at what an amazing event happened in their lives.

What would you do if you saw a bear so close?

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