10 Dreams That Portend Happiness And Good Luck

It is very important not only what is dreaming, but also to whom. Read the interpretation of dreams in order to correctly explain their secret meaning to yourself.

Find treasure in a dream
It so happens that people find treasures or a huge pile of money. If this happens to you in a dream, it means that great luck awaits you. This can include any pleasant twists and turns related to finances – for example, you are driving in a new car in a dream or living in a dream apartment.

Cuddly animals
A very good dream is a dream in which you see your pet or enjoy communicating with a horse, dog, cat or other animal you like. According to signs, such dreams indicate that soon life will give you new opportunities and a lot of joy. According to Eastern beliefs, it is a great success to see a tame rat or mouse in a dream. If in a dream you saw a turtle, this is for wealth. In Eastern philosophy, feng shui, this animal symbolizes wealth.

When a person eats honey in a dream, it means that soon his life will become “sweeter”. Any sweetness can also indicate that life will soon give you pleasure and benefit. Perhaps this promises a meeting with a new love.

Flight by plane or free flight like a bird – there is no difference. If you fly in a dream, it means that very soon the Universe will inspire you. Most likely, some problems and troubles will be resolved by themselves. This should also include dreams in which you contemplate the world from a high mountain or jump with a parachute.

Sun rays
If in a dream you see a sunrise or the rays of the sun warm you up, this is a very good omen. In most cases, this means that very soon you will hear very pleasant words from a loved one. Perhaps someone confesses their love to you.

Water bodies
If you are standing in a body of water or swimming, it means that very soon you will feel like a fish in water. For example, if you got a new job, you will be able to quickly grasp the position, master the necessary information, and adapt to changes.

Festive table
A huge table with a lot of food always dreams of good luck. If in a dream you dreamed of a table full of goodies, try not to miss opportunities in reality. If you dream of your loved ones next to the table, this is even better.

Beloved person
If in a dream you see someone sleeping with you in the same bed, it means that your relationship will get stronger. If a loved one is not around now, then this dream suggests that he thinks of you and misses you very much.

Cleaning your house
If you are cleaning your own, and not in a fictional or someone else’s house, then this is a good sign. This indicates that all unnecessary things will disappear from your life very soon. It can be not only things but also people. Most likely, this suggests that unpleasant acquaintances themselves will cease to bother you.

If you are standing in a pleasant warm rain, it means that soon all problems will be “washed away” from you. This also includes dreams in which

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