8 reasons why you lose vitality every day

Every day something gives us strength and energy, and something only takes these forces. Learn about the main sources of negativity and what takes energy from us, depriving us of happiness and good luck.

Whiner people
Think about how good it feels after you hang out with someone who is pleasant, optimistic, and kind. When the mood is good, just a minute of communication with someone who is negatively disposed and full of anger and resentment towards the whole world is enough for it to irrevocably deteriorate.

Energy gives us motivation, and whiner people who only discuss bad things take it away. The positive attitude disappears immediately. Try to bypass such people and listen to their complaints and whining as little as possible.

Of course, sometimes such communication is necessary, because it is impossible to keep everything inside oneself. But there are people who are constantly negative. It is from them that you need to get rid of.

Manipulators and Energy Vampires
There are even more dangerous people who can intentionally hurt you. They deliberately load you with their mental garbage or try to provoke your feelings of guilt.

Try to use amulets from such people so that they do not have power over you. Learn to distinguish between those who do something bad on purpose. This will help to maintain strength and avoid problems.

It’s not just about financial debt, loans, and mortgages. Debts can be different. Someone owes a favor to friends or colleagues, someone owes the bank, but in any case it is a debt. Thinking about him makes us unfree, obsessed and deprived of strength.

Try to pay your bills on time. If you need to help someone because you are under obligation, do so as soon as possible. Also, try to lend money as little as possible.

Broken promises
Like debts, broken promises can quickly destroy a positive aura. If you cannot or do not want to do something, it is better to say no right away. Otherwise, you will destroy your biofield.

Everyone gets tired, but you shouldn’t keep pressing the gas if you can’t do it anymore. It is simply necessary to rest, because severe overwork does not just deprive us of strength. They make us weak mentally, energetically.

Every day we must work as much as our body and soul allow. You need to relax for at least ten minutes an hour. This will have a beneficial effect on your biofield. Also, use talismans to relieve stress.

Unnecessary, old and broken things are a real magnet for trouble. They spoil the energy of the house, which makes the aura of the people living in it weak and fragile.

Disposing of e-waste is also very important. We are talking about unnecessary photos, spam, contacts on social networks. If you don’t remove all of this from your computer, it will also start to have a negative impact on your aura.

Bad habits
Fight them, whatever they are. There are habits that directly harm health, such as smoking. There are also those who do this indirectly. We are talking about laziness, gambling addiction, and so on. When a person does something with which he cannot fight, he becomes a slave to this habit. This kills his vital energy, deprives him of health.

Putting things off for later
This is not about laziness, but about a situation where we are afraid to start something important because we are tormented by doubts or fears. For example, if your doctor tells you to exercise, you need to get started right away. When we postpone something, we torment and reproach ourselves, think about wasted time and opportunities. It takes away our vitality.

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