5 Important Rules Of Protection Against Negative Energy

At times, others can use you to throw out the accumulated negativity in them. Here are the rules to follow in order not to absorb the negative energy of others.

Remember: you can’t please everyone

Don’t try to please the person who isn’t happy with you. This will drain your energy from you, and make you depend on someone else’s opinion. There will certainly be someone you cannot please, and if you succeed in doing this, then again someone will be found who is not happy with you. And you don’t all have to love. Some people like you, some don’t. First of all, you must love yourself. It’s also worth remembering that you can’t change everyone, so don’t even try. The best thing you can do for yourself is not to absorb everything that comes from people.

Don’t let everyone into your life

It is not necessary to let into your life those who can sow negativity and negative energy. Unfortunately, human impudence knows no bounds. You will help once, and they will expect help from you again and again. And you don’t have to fawn at anyone. If you are uncomfortable communicating with someone, do not communicate. If you do not want to see someone in your house – do not let them in. If you didn’t plan to help anyone, don’t waste your energy. Being generous is certainly good, but you need to feel the fine line that can lead to being trampled. Learn to say no to people and stay in harmony.

Never mind bad people

There will be a great many of them in life. There will be many manipulators who will try to force you to do what you do not want, and there will be energy vampires who will draw all your strength out of you. Some people simply throw off all the negativity from themselves, using the person as a victim, and move on through life. Do not pay attention to such people, walk by, do not even bother about them! Remember that whatever you hear, although you don’t want to hear, can be very draining. Therefore, love yourself, and slow down people when they want to pour out their soul to you again.

Be in nature more often

Just walk in the woods, breathe fresh air, relax. Breathing in nature improves blood circulation throughout the body and prevents the absorption of negative energy from the outside.

Don’t forget, only you are 100% responsible for your emotions and thoughts.

The way you react to certain words or actions of people is entirely your responsibility. And you don’t have to blame anyone for your poor health. You might have reacted differently because it is your own. Understand that you are not a victim, so pull yourself together and remember that only you are responsible for your emotions and actions.

Learning to protect yourself from negative energy coming from people is not so easy, but this does not mean that it is simply impossible to do it. It all starts with one important thing – self-love, self-respect. You deserve peace, love, happiness. You yourself are the author of your emotional state, only you, and no one else!

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