8 Signs That Give You A High IQ

It’s been a long time since we were in a school where intelligence could be easily identified by the way you wrote your math test. In adulthood, just memorizing information is not enough, you need to understand it and be able to logically apply it in the right situation in practice. At such moments, you understand that the indicator of higher intelligence is not at all the performance of mechanical tests, but the way you behave every day.
What mechanical actions that we perform in everyday life indicate the presence of high intelligence?

  1. You have a constant mess.

A study by researchers at the University of Minnesota found that people who constantly clean up their desktops are less likely to break the law, maintain a cleanliness in their daily lives, and are more generous. However, individuals who favor creative confusion tend to think more creatively and are able to find more solutions to specific work problems.

  1. You are comfortable with yourself

You don’t understand when acquaintances complain that they are bored at home alone. How can you be sad when there are so many things to do? It has been proven that smart people are prone to individualism and self-knowledge. Studies show that such individuals enjoy less fun with friends than most people.

  1. Do you prefer cats

In no way want to offend dog lovers, but a study conducted at Carroll University showed that cat lovers have a finer taste, are better able to analyze the situation, and also have higher IQs. In turn, those who prefer dogs are more energetic and easier to climb.

  1. You doubt you are smart enough

A phenomenon known as the Dunning-Kruger effect: less competent and intellectually developed people tend to exaggerate their understanding of the problem (as well as the level of development of their mental abilities in principle), while experts and intellectuals, on the contrary, are more likely to doubt themselves. Therefore, if you often doubt your knowledge and skills, then most likely you are doing it completely in vain.

  1. You have a good sense of humor.

The ability to react quickly to what is happening with a good joke is also an indicator that you are much smarter than your environment. Humor signals that the speaker is resourceful, is able to think outside the box and treat problems philosophically. Also, American scientists conducted a study, as a result of which they found out that professional comedians have higher IQs compared to average people.

  1. You often feel inner anxiety

American psychologist Jeremy Kaplan has studied people who often suffer from disturbing thoughts. Observing his patients, he found that inner excitement and anxiety over trifles serve as an indicator of a higher level of verbal IQ.

This theory was also confirmed by psychologists from Lakehead University (Canada). They conducted an experiment and found that those who constantly replayed negative situations from the past in their heads or worried about the future scored high on the verbal intelligence test.

  1. You use obscene language

Who would have thought, but the use of abusive words in speech also signals a developed intellect. Thus, psychologists at the Massachusetts College of Art have found that knowing swear words and the ability to use them is rather an advantage. The participants in the experiment with the highest IQ and the largest vocabulary were able to name the most swear words in a minute.

  1. You go to bed and wake up late.

If you find it difficult to wake up early, because in the evening you like to sit longer, then most likely you are the owner of high intelligence. Research shows that night owls, people who feel more alert and productive after sunset, are more likely to have higher intelligence, better jobs, and higher incomes than those who awaken with roosters.

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