How Are Fingers Connected To Human Energy?

Our limbs are a kind of energy channels through which we receive information about the world. And the points of these channels are concentrated at the fingertips. Therefore, an intensive exchange of energy between the Cosmos and the Personality occurs precisely through the fingers.

Most people do not even know what a powerful force is in our hands. It is they who can make changes in the world around them, transforming it. Everything that a person does with his fingers acquires the imprint of his energy. In ancient times, people knew this. This circumstance was taken into account when choosing nannies for children, cooks. After all, the health and well-being of the family depended on the energy of the servants’ hands. The expression “light hand” is still used.

• The main energetic properties of the hands are possessed by:
Middle of the palm
It is through these centers that we can direct energy at our discretion.
The energy possessed by the fingers of our hands is not the same:

• The right hand is related to the masculine principle and the receipt of positive energy. Her fingers are connected with the material world, with the action and the embodiment of the conceived.

• The left hand refers to the beginning of the feminine and receiving negative energy. The fingers of this hand are associated with the emotional and energetic realms.

With the correct use of different energies, a person can achieve spiritual harmony and prosperity. If at this period you are more interested in the practical side of life, use your fingers on your right hand more often, and if personal relationships and feelings – on your left.

• Connection with fingers

• When folding the fingers in certain combinations, a person can change his own emotional, mental and physical state:

Restore energy reserves.
Protect yourself from the emotional and psychological pressure of people.
Calm down and relax.
Tune in for luck and victory.
Stimulate blood circulation.
Get rid of fatigue.
Reduce the level of depression.
Normalize the emotional and mental state.
Align the energy field.
Balance the Yin and Yang energies.
Palmists are sure that the fingers can have energy not only healing but also killing, destructive. Therefore, it is important to know about its properties and capabilities: An ordinary handshake is a kind of bridge of energy exchange between people. At the subconscious level, information is read about physical health, will, and the potential of both people.

• Shaking hands with a sick person, you charge his body with healing energy, support his psychological state. The effect is greatly enhanced if you do it consciously, concentrating on the process.

• Do not take money from other people or from an ATM with your right hand. In this case, there is a high probability of receiving negative energy from banknotes. Always accept money with your left hand.
It is recommended to take the child by the hand with the right hand because the left is capable of taking energy from him.

• It is extremely helpful to clap your hands loudly several times. Thus, you will attract the attention of your Guardians, neutralize mental negativity, and open energy channels.

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