7 Star Tattoos That Cause Bewildrerment

You won’t surprise anyone with wearable drawings for a long time, but their execution often causes horror. Together with an expert, we dismantled some of the “masterpieces” flaunting on the bodies of celebrities.


Unfortunate tattoo of the singer Pink
Legion Media

It’s hard to say exactly why this work is bad, by and large, it’s all terrible. Here is an example of how you can simply and quickly “destroy” a body part. The choice of the zone for drawing the symbol of fertility, which is a frog, is not clear. This drawing, devoid of artistic value, cannot even be covered up with anything. Moreover, the feet are considered one of the most painful places to get a tattoo, which means that poor Pink also experienced agony in the process.


Failed tattoo Scarlett Johansson

The star tattoo is done in a painful place. It may seem that the work was done by a person who took the tattoo equipment in his hand for the first time, but this was done by an experienced master, so the result looks strange. And the actress, despite the fact that the inscription on her body says otherwise, was out of luck. Rough lines, a distorted pattern, and such a deep planting of the needle during application that it seems to have reached the ribs in some places.


Tom Hardy Mask Tattoo

The chest is that part of the male body that suggests a flight for fantasy, as it has a large surface. Here we see something awkward in size and shape. The master did not even try to find the right size and “planted” the tattoo at random. The inscriptions, masks, and the intervals between them are arranged according to an incomprehensible logic: the text seems to have simply been glued side by side.


Ridiculous star tattoo

Rough lines visually make the actress’s leg heavier and spoil the picture, even at a short distance it will not be clear what is shown there. Hair, dirt, algae stuck to it… Anything but an elegant ornament.


The Lion by Christina Ricci

Apparently, Christina Ricci set her master the task of making something light and feminine, but it turned out to be some kind of cat with butterfly wings on its head. They say that this is Lev Aslan from the Chronicles of Narnia, but there is no smell of magic here. On the contrary, from entering the country where such frightening animals live, you will definitely hide in a closet.


Bad Little Green Man by Brad Pitt

It is unlikely that at least someone will be able to tell what is happening in this picture. The crooked body of a man, a hand growing from his neck, inscriptions arranged in a chaotic manner… Everything looks too strange, primitive, and boring.


Lady Gaga’s Claw Tattoo

Another tattoo from the nineties or early zero. Apparently, they tried to make it dangerous – and it really scares. But it’s not the idea of ​​sharp claws or a predatory turn of fingers, but a misunderstanding of anatomy. Drawing hands is quite difficult, but they can be styled competently. Here, the master tried to depict the brushes realistically: folds, creases, a hint of shape, but the anatomy here is clearly fictitious because there is a complex fracture between the little finger and the ring finger.

Alas, even if all these tattoos were made with high quality and artistic taste, this would not save the situation: they have no harmony either with the body or with the surrounding works. Unfortunately, it turned out not to be a decoration of the body, but an unsuccessful drawing.

If you do not want to repeat the mistakes of the stars, we recommend that you think carefully about the general concept of all tattoos and choose a competent master.

Photo source: Legion-Media

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