Another Selection Of Funny Photos Taken In Public Transport

In Russia, public transport is in great demand. Those who regularly travel on it know perfectly well that I can witness various situations. There is always something to laugh about in public transport. There you can meet ambiguous and surprisingly strange characters. And you can also become a witness, and someone even manages to feel personally in a curious situation. I propose to see another selection of funny photos taken on public transport. Funny photos in public transport1. In public transport, you can often see people who feel at home. They probably spend most of their time on public transport. Therefore so…

Even such a handsome man can meet while going to work in public transport. Perhaps you have never seen such a handsome man.

Well, such a person is very difficult not to notice in transport. A headdress every now and then brings smiles to the faces of others and definitely cheers up for the rest of the day.

What kind of viruses are we talking about? Whoever can save himself from the epidemic.

Is it public transport or a madhouse? It seems that the sun does not bake in the transport, but this woman probably managed to make many people laugh…

Public transport is the best place for sports. Or maybe it’s such a sports controller?

Well, wherein public transport without dudes. Apparently, this woman was swept into the ocean of fashion trends.

This is when you ride public transport as a stowaway but still feel like a “hare”. An anecdote is perfect for this photo: The controller enters the bus: – So, are there hares? – Well, I am! – To the carrot!

We managed to capture such a cool grandmother in public transport

And for this photo, the phrase is asking: – Do you have a disposable or reusable mask? – Disposable, reusable.

He probably thinks he is invisible. And what? I think he does a good job…

You all worry that you left the house without makeup or in a rumpled T-shirt. Ask these experiences aside. In my opinion, this person does not worry at all because of his appearance.

Severe Russian public transport…

And I just have one-stop …

What you will not see in buses, metro, trolleybuses, minibusses, and even taxis. In this collection, we managed to collect curious and funny moments that people are happy to share on the network.

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