The Girl Left Her Plush Friend In The Hotel, But The Staff Took Care Of Him. And Sent A Photo Report Of His Classes

This story took place at the beginning of March. A little girl named Juniper has a favorite toy – a plush dog Ruff-Raff, and they are real friends. Juniper took her plush friend with her everywhere, but that’s bad luck! The girl’s family went to a women’s football match in Richmond, and Ruff-Ruff was accidentally left in a hotel room.

Juniper loves her plush dog Ruff-Raff very much, but one day he was accidentally left at the hotel

Allison, the girl’s mother, shared this story on her Facebook page. When she got home, she called the hotel to see if anyone had seen the toy. And so, a few days later, a package arrived, in which, of course, there was Raff-Raff, but not only.

Hotel staff sent Juniper a letter and photos of what Ruff-Raff was doing at the hotel

Dear Juniper, thanks for letting us borrow Raff-Raff for the day! He helped a lot with the operation of the hotel! Don’t worry, he didn’t work too hard and we gave him plenty of time to play. He missed you so much! Thanks again, hope you and Ruff-Raff visit us again soon! With love, Doubletree team.

Raff-Raff really did a great job

And then he took a deep breath!

Touching reunion

Now Juniper and Ruff-Raff are together, and that’s the main thing. And the story about the adventures of a plush dog touched a lot of people: Allison’s post got more than 85 thousand likes and more than 52 thousand reposts.

Not only Ruff-Raff but also other plush toys know a lot about revelry.

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