16 Photos That Show What Happens At Work When Someone Decides To Amuse Colleagues And Others

Work is an extremely responsible process, and while you are fulfilling your professional tasks, you must, by all means, remain important and as serious as possible … Or not. As it turns out, sometimes even the most important bosses want to come to the office in superhero costumes, and just give the team a reason, as they are already coming up with another prank for an unsuspecting colleague. And it seems that common laughter and fun at work brings you together no worse than corporate meetings!

My friend is a gardener and sometimes he sends photos from work


Colleagues love to add details to my Superman


A colleague said that we haven’t had a prank in a long time. They made fun of him!


Our project manager is getting married, and here’s a gift from the team


Sometimes little things are enough to cheer everyone up.


I love my job


If anything, all these people are my bosses.

Had a free minute and now we have a car


I just went on vacation for two weeks. Thank you colleagues


The warehouse is sometimes very boring


I Xeroxed my face and stuck the photo on the office door


When you work at a hairdresser and get bored


A colleague moved to another office and left this at the old workplace

And to the question “oh no, what happened to him ?!” you can honestly answer “he is now in a different, better place.”

It is dangerous to leave the workplace unattended


A colleague is leaving, and we made this pillow so that he would not be forgotten. For some reason, he’s not too happy


While the employee went on vacation, we “updated” his equipment


We work in booths. I use my portrait on a stick to talking to my neighbors


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