5 Facts That Will Surprise You

Apples can be ghostly, birds can be skunks, and an antelope can be a passive income for a spider. It seems to us that we have seen everything, but the world throws up more and more amazing facts:

1 Surprise Antelope or Passive Income Entrepreneur

In Botswana, tourists managed to capture an antelope with an unusual decoration in the form of a web between the horns. And this is an amazing example of the resourcefulness of a local spider. After all, while the mammal is running, midges get stuck in a sticky trap and fall on the dining table of a cunning spider. Here’s a living example of freeloading for you.

2 Ghost Apples

This is not a new variety and not Christmas tree decorations in the form of apples, this is a frozen shell of ice.

Apples have a lower freezing point than water, so when it gets warmer outside after a frost, the apple thaws faster than an ice crust. The rotten apple substance flows out, leaving an icy “ghost” on the tree instead.

3 During excavations near Lake Sevan (Armenia), archaeologists discovered an ancient oak cart, which is about 4 thousand years old.

I wonder if it is safe to say that the most reliable cars were made by Armenians?

4 Have you heard how thrushes fart?

Yes, yes, birds live on the Australian continent, and can skillfully emit gas. They are called Basian thrushes. With the help of their own gas attack, they lure small insects from under the fallen leaves and, thus, get their own food. Now it’s clear where the legs grow from the phrase “Give a thrush!”?

5 Tricky tree

Holly or holly (Ilex aquifolia) is famous not only for Christmas arrangements. This tree has one unique ability.

If a holly notices that deer or other forest dwellers are eating its leaves, it turns on a gene that transforms a growing leaf into a prickly one. That is why the leaves on the tops of the tree are smooth – animals cannot get them there. But on the lower tiers – the leaves are unpleasant sharp thorns.

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