Unusual Reptiles Of Our Planet With A Fantastic Appearance

Who said dragons don’t exist and all dinosaurs are extinct? Not true. It’s just that they’ve been slightly crushed and changed. But formidable lizards still live with us on the same planet. Let’s take a look at the amazing reptiles that surprise by their fantastic appearance.

01 Gavial – a crocodile with a very interesting appearance

02 Agama Mwanza

The red-headed rock dragon is one of the most colorful reptiles on the planet. For an unusual “suit” that combines red and blue colors, she was nicknamed Spider-Man on the Internet.

03 Marine iguana

Marine iguanas are an amazing example of the adaptation of living things to environmental conditions. During evolution, they have learned to masterfully swim underwater, like crocodiles, and have acquired the sharpest teeth that allow them to bite off even the toughest algae without hindrance.

04 An albino python who is fourteen years old

Despite their formidable appearance, pythons are not capable of inflicting a poisonous bite on a person. Quite often, these snakes are kept as pets, acquiring special terrariums for them.

05 Parson’s Chameleon

06 Legless lizard

Looking at a legless lizard, you might think that this is one of the varieties of snakes. However, it is not. It differs from snakes in the presence of movable eyelids, and a special shoulder girdle. In addition, the animal has a completely different jaw structure.

07 Softshell turtles

Varieties of these turtles are characterized by the absence of the usual shell. Their back is covered with even skin or rare horny spines.

08 Vulture turtle

It is one of the largest freshwater turtles. Its weight can reach from 8.5 to 60 kilograms. It has a rather aggressive character, so once again it is better not to disturb the animal and not appear in its pat

09 Arizona Gila-tooth

By the name, it becomes clear that this species of lizards are poisonous and potentially dangerous to humans. However, by themselves they are quite shy, so they prefer to avoid encounters with all potential enemies.

10 The Komodo dragon is the largest lizard in the world

11 Abronia blue – an incredibly rare species of lizard

12 Iguana anole

13 King Cobra

King cobras grow throughout their lives. Therefore, it is not surprising that super-large individuals are found in nature, reaching four meters in length.

14 Basilisk – a lizard that can run on water

15 Frilled lizard

16 African egg snake

Inconspicuous at first glance, snakes are famous for their aggressive nature and innate ability to plunder bird nests. The absence of teeth and the special structure of the vertebrae allows them to easily swallow large eggs.

17 Rhinoceros snake or Boulanger’s nosed snake

The so-called “nose”, which is the first thing that catches the eye in the appearance of a snake, in fact, is not a nose at all. These are just scales that have changed in the process of evolution and have taken such a strange shape.

18 Javanese xenodermus

An unusual nocturnal reptile that differs from the rest by the presence of several rows of strange and widely spaced scales.

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