15 Photos of Amazing Natural Phenomena You Don’t See Every Day

Nature always has in stock something with which it can surprise a person, and sometimes even frightening. But we all know very well that nature has no bad weather, and it is never possible to prepare for its surprises. Today we have collected for you 15 amazing natural phenomena, from which you just want to open your mouth in surprise. After all, they are all terribly bewitching!

Volcanic Lightning


In the photo, lightning strikes the Japanese volcano Sakurajima, spewing hot lava. It all looks fascinating and frightening at the same time.

Erupting cloud


Bloody snow in the mountains


Such snow also has a more pleasant name – watermelon. It was so named because of its specific color and smell. You can see watermelon snow only in spring or summer in the mountains. But the answer to the question of why it turns red, everyone was looking for a very long time. There were several theories: particles of a special rock, a meteorite that fell on this place, and also the influence of algae with the presence of pink pigment in them. In the end, the latest version turned out to be correct. It’s all about the algae, which become active with the onset of heat.

Rainbow Cloud


Bioluminescence in the Maldives


Bioluminescence is a natural phenomenon associated with the ability of some living organisms to emit light. In this case, Vaadhoo Beach glows in the dark due to phytoplankton. It emits light when interacting with oxygen.

Cocoon tree


In Pakistan, spiders are very densely braided treetops, fleeing the flood.

The volcanic ash cloud in Chile looks like a giant monster


A natural phenomenon called “Rainbow Bridge”


Mud volcano Pugachevsky


The volcano, resembling a giant human eye, is located on Sakhalin Island.

Tree struck by lightning


A cloud that looks like a cinnamon bun




A halo is an optical phenomenon where rings, arcs, or pillars form around a light source.

Dragon tree


The resinous sap of this tree resembles blood in its color.



Koshanin lakes, Golia


A feature of the lakes is that on rainy days the water level falls, and on sunny days it rises.

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